Long on Short Order

By admin
[youtube id=”WKUDYVUic88″] by Sophie Gayot Despite its name, Nancy Silverton’s Short Order restaurant does not cut corners to prepare its burgers nor other dishes. You can read my review of the restaurant which I wrote after my first visit in July. You can also watch my exclusive video with executive chef Christian Page to find out how he gets it done. I returned last week — simply because these burgers are so good. Unlike most burger places, Short Order has a mixologist, so I indulged in some cocktails. The vanilla base salted caramel Snickerdoodle shake was so good, I ended up fighting with my guests over the treat. Its great taste is probably because the salted caramel is made in-house, the Snickerdoodle by their sister bakery, Short Cake, and the vanilla custard is spun in-house with Straus Creamery products. For more of the best burgers in Los Angeles, visit GAYOT.com’s Top 10 Burgers in LA. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see items from Short Order restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Short Order on Urbanspoon