Soaring & Sipping with FishEye Winery

On the flying trapeze

by Becky Sauer

Enjoying a glass of wine after a workday wouldn’t be considered too out of the ordinary. But savoring some vino after flying high on the trapeze? Now that’s something special.

This exhilarating experience was made possible by the Australian winery FishEye, which hosted a tasting and trapeze event at TSNY (Trapeze School New York) Los Angeles, located right on the Santa Monica Pier.

The patient trapeze instructors showed us the ropes, as it were, and taught us basic skills like the knee hang. After the lesson, the instructors took the stage to flip and fly in a grand finale, and even brought in a few of us novices to participate. We were all decked out in neon outfits, which just happened to match the brightly colored labels of the wine we’d soon taste.

When we had all returned to solid ground, winemaker Steve Roden described each of the FishEye wines, and also offered some interesting food and wine pairing tips. He even suggested what to sip with Vegemite, that salty yeasty spread beloved by him and many of his Australian countrymen. (Cabernet Sauvignon, if you were wondering.)

We served ourselves from FishEye’s “wine casks,” cylindrical-shaped packaging that hold the equivalent of four 750 ml bottles and keep the contents fresh for about six weeks. The newest of their offerings — and a favorite among the event’s tasters — was the Sweet Red, made with a Shiraz base blended with Moscato and additional varietals. Other selections we sampled from their portfolio included Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. I was initially attracted to the vivid look of the labels, but my appreciation grew as I discovered FishEye’s convenient twist-off tops and easy-on-the-wallet pricing — the 750 ml bottles retail for less than $10.

After such a fun, unique event, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to run away and join the circus — or run away and join a winery!

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