Judging (Again) on Hell’s Kitchen

By admin
[youtube id=”JWW55nI5-Xs”] by Sophie Gayot For the third time, I was called by Gordon Ramsay to be a judge on his highly watched television show Hell’s Kitchen. Thank you, Gordon! When telling the story, I always get the question, “Is it fun?” Indeed, it is. And Ramsay can behave charmingly as much as he can talk very loud (or scream as some would say). The challenge I had to judge (along with chef/owner Mark Peel of Campanile, Nobu West Hollywood‘s general manager Justin Wyborn, and food blogger Libby Rego) was part of the 100th milestone episode of the show; episode 8.8, which aired on October 13th. The red team (four women and one guy) was pitted against the blue team (four men), fighting for what I had to determine would be the most expensive dish. The two teams each had $60, 20 minutes to shop and 45 minutes to cook four dishes (one with beef, one with pork, one with lamb and one with chicken). Ramsay wanted to test their ability to use classic ingredients and transform them into entrees worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Simply watch the video above to see which team I chose. And without being biased, I cannot wait until the show resumes again on November 10th. So far, I have enjoyed watching this season’s contestants as well as Gordon Ramsay in action in his kitchen. (Sophie is dressed by Paule Vasseur, www.paule-vasseur.com)