Sneak Peek at the New Spago

By admin
Waldo Fernandez - Sophie Gayot - Wolfgang Puck

Interior designer Waldo Fernandez & master-chef Wolfgang Puck with Sophie Gayot

by Sophie Gayot After an extensive renovation, Wolfgang Puck‘s flagship restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills will reopen tonight. I drove by and based on what I saw from the outside, I expect many changes inside. As I am headed there tonight for dinner, come back in a few hours to see exclusive photos of the new interior of this iconic Beverly Hills restaurant. UPDATE 9/21/12: Yesterday I wrote that I was heading for dinner at Spago Beverly Hills which has been closed for renovations for three months. I declared that I would post pictures of the new décor a few hours after I dined. But as it is not completely finished, I was asked not to put any photos online. The ones I have will have to stay on my computer. Hopefully, I will go back when the renovations are complete. I can tell you this: my assumption based on seeing the façade from the street that things are very different inside proved true; just the structure is the same: the bar at the entrance, the patio, the dining room, the private room and the back drop kitchen. Here a few key notes: – colors are white and dark brown; – white linen tablecloths; – two chimneys, one in the patio by the wall along the street, the second one between the dining room and the patio, creating a separation between the two; – retractable roof over the patio; – new (and smaller) olive trees on the patio; – larger glass dome in the main dining room; – booths on both sides of the dining room; – clear glass wine cellar all along the left wall of the dining room; – larger private dining room; – white chalk drawings and letters resembling graffiti in the ladies room. As for the menu, the dishes have successfully been revisited with a slightly more contemporary approach. There is no doubt that Spago aficionados and new diners will like them. The same goes for the new breads that pastry chef Sherry Yard and her team have created. Remember that line from your parents when you were little: “Stop eating the bread, otherwise you will not have room for the rest.” Well, I am glad my mother was not here last night (sorry, Mom), otherwise I would have heard it during the entire evening, as these are soooo good. As of this writing, Spago Beverly Hills is scheduled to open at the end of this week. It will then be your turn to re-discover this restaurant that has no peer in the City of the Angels. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Spago Beverly Hills new restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot © Spago on Urbanspoon