Stone Cask Ice Rounds – Review

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Dress Up Your Drink!      
Stone Cask Ice Rounds

Stone Cask Ice Rounds

For the last few years, we’ve been noticing large, spherical ice rounds in craft cocktails. They’re impressive looking, so at first we assumed they served a purely decorative function. Pioneered by Tokyo’s avant-garde bartenders, the round stuff actually does more than dress up your drink. The larger the surface area of ice, the faster it will melt. Because a sphere has the smallest surface of any shape relative to its mass, a round piece of ice takes much longer to dissolve. These Ice Rounds from Stone Cask produce two slow-melting 2.5-inch ice balls. Simply fill each mold with water through the small hole on top of each ball and place in the freezer for four to six hours. Ice expands as it freezes, so make sure to not to fill them past the designated mark or you’ll wind up with cracks. Once the ice is formed, pull off the top and push from the bottom and the ice will easily pop out. Although you only get two molds, the resulting ice rounds are large enough that you only need one per drink. If you’re planning a weekend soirée, build up your supply over the week. You’ll have an impressive stockpile come Friday that looks (and actually keeps) things cool – and gets people talking. Suddenly, standard cubes seem so passé.   Price: $10.00 For more information, visit:

Reviewed by Julia Mason

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