Beer & Buns Debuts $250 Indulgence Burger

The Indulgence Burger
The Indulgence Burger (Kobe beef patty, seared foie gras, pancetta, white truffles and caviar)

When is a hamburger not a hamburger?

by David Farley

The hamburger, that culinary icon of disputed origins, has always been a sandwich for the ordinary person. Priced to sell (especially at fast food restaurants), the hamburger could be enjoyed and eaten by anyone with some change in their pockets.

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Food Trucks Roll into Restaurants

The Big Gay Ice Cream truck
The Big Gay Ice Cream truck

by Meryl Pearlstein

Sure, food trucks help diners stretch dollars during these tough times, and appeal to today’s social-networked consumer. But for larger companies, they can also serve as billboards for a brand and serve as test outlets for brick-and-mortar restaurants. In New York City, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck — one of’s Top 10 Food Trucks in NYC — proved so successful that the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened in the East Village. Another entry on the list, Schnitzel and Things, opened a non-mobile version in Midtown, while GO Burger has opened three locations from coast to coast!

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Get in the Mix at The Mulberry Project

Crispy pork belly
Crispy pork belly

by Meryl Pearlstein

In the heart of New York’s Little Italy, you’ll find a bit of the determined immigrant spirit taking hold in an entirely new manner. Down a few steps through an unmarked door at 149 Mulberry St. sits an über-cool drink emporium with cuisine that’s as exciting as anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The brainchild of chef Michael “Kiwi” Camplin, formerly of Boqueria and one of the most charming New Zealanders you’ll ever meet, The Mulberry Project seems almost a throwback to Prohibition days, with a speakeasy setting that’s at the same time lush and welcoming. Black cushion banquettes or stools at the shiny metal bar are the seats in demand to watch the parade of cocktails and little plates that comprise a meal here (as well as the beautiful clientele who have discovered this gem). Charming and knowledgeable Italian and French bartenders skilled in molecular mixology create cocktails from a list of fresh fruit and herbs – you give a hint of the type of base you want (vodka, tequila, gin) and your mood, and they’ll do the rest.

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