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TATCHA's Camelia Cleansing Oil

TATCHA’s Camelia Cleansing Oil

  Memoirs of a Geisha: Three Steps to Flawless Skin by Sylvie Greil All beauty brands make bold claims. Some deliver. Many don’t. Either way, we are always eager to get suckered into the clever promise of flawless skin. Especially if said promise is inspired by century-old wisdom and the baby-smooth complexion of geisha. TATCHA is divinely and irresistibly packaged. But it doesn’t end there. It’s just that promise of what’s to come. Start with the delicious One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (5.1 fl. oz. $48). This non-oily miracle blend of camellia and rice bran is applied on dry skin with dry hands. Rinsed off with warm water, it leaves skin glassy smooth, like a porcelain mask. We have to emphasize this amazing sensation, as it leaves your epidermis truly ultra smooth, seemingly blemish free and pore-less. Follow up with the delicately scented Deep Brightening Serum (1.7 oz. $185) for luscious luminosity. Finally, lather on Moisture Rich Silk Cream (1.7 oz. $150) to nourish your skin.  
TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai

TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai

TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai has studied Eastern beauty secrets extensively, working with scientists, geisha and scholars, developing the brand’s anti-aging HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. On her site, she recommends specific regimens and product combos for dry, oily or combination skin. But for us, the above trio worked brilliantly, yielding a tangible decrease in pore size and redness.  
TATCHA's products are inspired by the beauty secrets of the Geisha

TATCHA’s products are inspired by the beauty secrets of the Geisha

We’ll never have the flawless visage of a geisha. But we definitely have new and improved skin. TATCHA never uses parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or sulfate detergents For more information, visit TATCHA’s official website Related Content: Check out other great spa products on GAYOT.com Read about the fascinating history of the geisha Buy The Japanese Skincare Revolution on amazon