Tru Alka Water Review

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Tru Alka is an alkaline water with a pH of 9-10 Go Alkaline with Tru Alka by Julia Mason Alkaline water — also known as “high pH” water — has recently become increasingly popular as a wellness trend, in part thanks to “alkaline diet” devotees such as Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. The basic premise of the “alkaline movement” is that the consumption of beverages and foods with a low acid content – meaning a higher pH level – can boost the immune system by neutralizing acid in the body. While the human body is naturally alkaline, a diet high in meat, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods can radically increase the amount of acid in the blood. This stresses out the digestive system and promotes inflammation, which can lead to disease. If you’re interested in the benefits of “going alkaline,” but not quite ready to overhaul your diet, try a bottled alkaline water such as Tru Alka. It has a pure, crisp taste and a pH of 9-10 – the same as dark greens such as raw kale, spinach and broccoli. The water is made by combining purified water with calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals ionize the water by increasing the presence of electrons, raising its alkalinity. According to Tru Alka, the fine molecular structure of these ionic minerals allows for instant absorption into the cell wall. This increases hydration and aids in flushing out lingering toxins from cells. Interestingly, Tru Alka does not aim to bring your body into the alkaline zone; the water is meant to create a neutral pH level of 7. Get started on your road to anti-acid with Tru Alka‘s five-gallon alkaline water delivery service or their alkaline concentrate. Available in pod form, the concentrate transforms regular bottled water into Tru Alka. For more information visit: Tru Alka products are available on Related Content: All About Water Enhanced Water Top 10 Bottled Waters More Top Bottled Waters Top 10 Immune System Boosters Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Gaiam Eco-Friendly Aluminum Water Bottle