Valrhona Introduces “Blond” Chocolate: Dulcey

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Valrhona "Dulcey" Blond Chocolate Bar

Valrhona “Dulcey” Blond Chocolate Bar

  by: Sylvie Greil White chocolate is a bit of the stepchild in the dark and alluring world of cacao. Usually deservedly so.

A. It doesn’t contain cocoa solids (the healthy dark stuff boasting antioxidants and theobromine) B. It often has an odd texture. Enter Valrhona “Dulcey,” a brand new creation by the revered French brand dubbed the “Rolls Royce” of chocolate. Granted, this sweet confection wouldn’t have landed the luxe chocolatier a spot on our Top 10 Chocolate Bars in the World, but the beautiful “blond” is utterly addictive, even for us who favor ultra dark. Its package advertises it as “Creamy & Toasty” and it delivers. In French, also on the package, it sounds more poetic, “Onctueux & Biscuité.” Invented by Frédéric Bau of Valrhona’s chocolate school, and having already garnered awards, it is indeed creamy, smooth and unctuous, with a caramel-y inflection described by its creator as roasted Breton shortbread; it’s a bit on the sweet side but well-balanced. Dulcey contains 32 % cacao butter along with regular dairy butter, milk and vanilla. Even if it doesn’t deliver the healthful dose of antioxidants supplied by cocoa-rich dark chocolate, we will still indulge in it — in moderation.

Price: $7.99 for a 2.99 oz. bar

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