A Winning Battle

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[youtube id=”bEVeD0l1Mdw”]
“Waterloo & City” is the name of a famous subway line in London. It is also on track to becoming a destination restaurant in Culver City, California, due to the talent of chef Brendan Collins. I had previously enjoyed his cooking at The Hall at Palihouse while dining with Curtis Stone, who worked with Collins under Marco Pierre at Quo Vadis in London.
At Waterloo & City, Collins has free rein in the kitchen (which he co-owns with partner/general manager Carolos Tomazos), and his food is so much better and creative. Being English, Collins has created a very interesting gastropub menu, and it’s hard to choose what to order because it is all good. 
Watch him in the kitchen explaining his pied de cochon during my exclusive video interview. And read the Waterloo & City review I just wrote. God Save the Queen! You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Waterloo & City restaurant menu. All food shots by Sophie Gayot.
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