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2023 holiday gift ideas
November 30, 2023
Check GAYOT’s 2023 Holiday Gift Ideas list to ease your shopping!
Artisan Luxury Belgian Chocolates
January 14, 2022
Browse GAYOT’s curated list of Valentine’s Day Gifts and find gourmet food, wine and drinks to treat your loved one.
Father's Day gifts
June 4, 2021
Looking for a special present for Dad? Check out GAYOT’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, including whiskey and gourmet gift boxes with nationwide shipping.
Indochine Nicolas Sirkis | Sophie Gayot
August 28, 2020
Le Groupe Indochine fête 40 ans de succès, reçoit un disque de Diamant et sort un nouvel album Singles Collection (2001-2021)
Dr Laura Catena book Gold in the Vineyards
February 18, 2020
Travel around the world’s most famous vineyards with Dr Laura Catena’s unusual wine book “Gold in the Vineyards,” full of stories and facts.
See GAYOT's picks of Top 10 Sexy Books for stories that will get your pulse racing
January 15, 2019
There’s more to erotic literature than Fifty Shades of Grey. From Anais Nin and Henry Miller to France’s most controversial libertine, GAYOT has compiled the Best Sexy Books of all time.
Best Gift Wines
December 23, 2018
Follow GAYOT’s list Best Gift Wines to help you choose the best bottle from the endless choices for the perfect wine gift.
Best Wine Gifts
November 7, 2018
Discover today’s coolest wine tools and accessories on GAYOT’s list of the Best Wine Gifts for every wine lover.
Cooking Tools
October 18, 2018
Check out GAYOT’s Best Cooking Tools, ranging from a top-of-the-line food processor to a Japanese-made chef’s knife.