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Health Benefits of Your Favorite Foods

You are what you eat. Fortunately, some of your favorite foods not only taste good, they’re actually good for you. Find out more about the health benefits of everything from fruits and veggies to spices and plants with GAYOT’s curated articles for healthy eating.

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Acai Gluten-Free
Almonds Green Tea
Apples Hemp
Artichokes Honey
Asparagus Kale
Avocados Lavender
Bananas Leeks
Beets Lemongrass
Beer Mangos
Bell Peppers Matcha Green Tea
Black Pepper Miracle Fruit
Brussels Sprouts Muntries
Cardamom Mushrooms
Carrots Noni
Celery Peaches
Chocolate Pineapples
Cinnamon Pomegranates
Citrus Fruit Pumpkin
Coconut Water Roses
Coffee Spring Onions
Cranberries Strawberries
Eggs Tomatoes
Fennel Turmeric
Figs Walnuts
Garlic Watercress
Ginger Wheatgrass
Ginseng Wine
Yams & Sweet Potatoes
The relationship between wine and health has fascinated both oenophiles and teetotalers for centuries. In 1724, London physician Dr. Peter Shaw proclaimed "wine preferable to water" in his book In Juice of the Grape, a pioneering examination of dietary health....
Watercress, one of the oldest green leaf vegetables in the world, has a distinguished flavor and hardy constitution. This plucky perennial has amazing cancer-fighting properties and was long used to treat scurvy. Keep in mind that watercress is most potent...
Any way you crack them, walnuts are a healthy addition to your diet.  The two bumpy lobes of the walnut kernel look similar to the human brain. The resemblance, long ago, gave it a reputation as "brain food."  In...
What's as exotic as a spicy Indian curry and as all-American as French's Mustard? Turmeric. The bright orange-yellow spice, native to southern India and cultivated for more than 5,000 years, has long been utilized for its saturation of golden...
Birthed from the vine, tomatoes are inveterate wanderers. They originated in the coastal highlands of South America and from there traveled north to Mexico. The Aztecs included them in their feasts. The Spanish conquerors spread tomatoes throughout their colonies. Italy and...
With their natural heart shape and deep red hue, strawberries were perhaps destined to be associated with matters of the heart. They are a symbol for Venus, the goddess of love, and revered as an aphrodisiac. Legend has it that...
From daffodils to tulips, blooming bulbs make spring more beautiful. It's also made more tasty. Spring is the season when farmers pull immature onion bulbs from the ground. The result is a sweet, tender, delicately flavored variety known as spring...
The humble pumpkin, which originated in Central America, and revered by early Native Americans, has transformative powers in modern American culture. Fight Cancer  The bright orange color of pumpkin "meat" is a clue to its wealth of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene,...
Pomegranates aren’t like apples or bananas. You can’t simply bite into them or peel back the skin. They are much more mysterious fruits. Their leathery maroon skin, once opened, reveal and spongy white flesh and seed covered juice sacs. These arils are the only...
With their honeyed scent and dulcet flesh, peaches are the darlings of summer stone fruit. Their natural sweetness lends itself to seasonal desserts like cobbler, pie, or even just simple peaches and cream. Perhaps because of its association with dessert, the...