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Health Benefits of Foods

Health Benefits of Your Favorite Foods

You are what you eat. Fortunately, some of your favorite foods not only taste good, they’re actually good for you. Find out more about the health benefits of everything from fruits and veggies to spices and plants with GAYOT’s curated articles for healthy eating.

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Acai Gluten-Free
Almonds Green Tea
Apples Hemp
Artichokes Honey
Asparagus Kale
Avocados Lavender
Bananas Leeks
Beets Lemongrass
Beer Mangos
Bell Peppers Matcha Green Tea
Black Pepper Miracle Fruit
Brussels Sprouts Muntries
Cardamom Mushrooms
Carrots Noni
Celery Peaches
Chocolate Pineapples
Cinnamon Pomegranates
Citrus Fruit Pumpkin
Coconut Water Roses
Coffee Spring Onions
Cranberries Strawberries
Eggs Tomatoes
Fennel Turmeric
Figs Walnuts
Garlic Watercress
Ginger Wheatgrass
Ginseng Wine
Yams & Sweet Potatoes
For centuries, the sweet-smelling, lilac-colored lavender flower has been sought after as a culinary and cosmetic delicacy. In the Provence region of France, where abundant fields paint the landscape purple, lavender is often an integral part of the herbal bouquet...
It’s a shame that sugar came along. Before the discovery in the sixteenth century of refined sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beets, honey was the world’s primary sweetener. Available only to the rich due to its rarity...
Whenever we mention that we have a hankering for hemp, we elicit a few laughs. Many people confuse hemp with its psychoactive cousin, cannabis sativa (aka "pot" or marijuana). What we are talking about is eating and drinking THC-free...
Green tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water. That's not surprising in countries like the UK and China where drinking tea is a daily ritual. But in the United States, tea consumption is hardly as...
With vibrant blooms, velveteen petals and a primordial perfume, roses transcend mere floral status. They seem to spring from the realm of the divine. Greeks and Romans believed they symbolized Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love; the aromatic oil...
Pineapples, since long ago symbols of welcome and hospitality, indeed have a magic touch, bringing lots of good things to your body. Bromelain enzymes are what we are talking about. These enzymes, said to reduce inflammation, lower risk of...
Recently, exotic "super fruits" such as acai and muntrie berries have captured the attention of health enthusiasts and researchers alike. Their unparalleled antioxidant content accounts for their miraculous health benefits. Some of the most astonishing health claims, however, have gone unsubstantiated. Farmers...
Since ancient times, mushrooms have been the object of both reverence and dread. Their poisonous potential and rapid, circular pattern of growth led people in pre-modern Europe to believe they were the handiwork of evil spirits. On the other hand,...
For up to 10,000 years, the Aborigines of Australia have partaken of the native fruits of the country. Yet many Australians today would struggle to name these fruits, such as the Illawarra plum and the Tasmanian pepper.They are more familiar...
By all accounts, Americans' sweet tooth is insatiable. The USDA estimates that we consume 150 pounds of sugar per person per year. High consumption of sugar has been found to compromise the immune system and contribute to rising rates of diabetes...