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Health Benefits of Foods

Health Benefits of Your Favorite Foods

You are what you eat. Fortunately, some of your favorite foods not only taste good, they’re actually good for you. Find out more about the health benefits of everything from fruits and veggies to spices and plants with GAYOT’s curated articles for healthy eating.

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Acai Gluten-Free
Almonds Green Tea
Apples Hemp
Artichokes Honey
Asparagus Kale
Avocados Lavender
Bananas Leeks
Beets Lemongrass
Beer Mangos
Bell Peppers Matcha Green Tea
Black Pepper Miracle Fruit
Brussels Sprouts Muntries
Cardamom Mushrooms
Carrots Noni
Celery Peaches
Chocolate Pineapples
Cinnamon Pomegranates
Citrus Fruit Pumpkin
Coconut Water Roses
Coffee Spring Onions
Cranberries Strawberries
Eggs Tomatoes
Fennel Turmeric
Figs Walnuts
Garlic Watercress
Ginger Wheatgrass
Ginseng Wine
Yams & Sweet Potatoes
In the Prunus genus, the almond is the odd man out. It is a dry little kernel, whose kin include fleshy peaches and plums — those lush crops associated with the bountiful summer months. Yet this nutty fruit should...
With a taste approximating chocolate and raspberries and an antioxidant profile that trumps red wine, the açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) berry, native to the rainforests of Brazil, has been hailed by some as the world's foremost superfood. It was catapulted...
If you've ever set foot inside a juice bar, you've probably seen people tossing back shots of fluorescent green juice. That electric-hued elixir is extracted from wheatgrass: a healthy superfood purported to work magic on the digestive and circulatory...
There’s been much buzz in women’s health circles about food and fertility. Books like The Infertility Diet by Fern Reiss suggest that eating a balanced diet that includes certain key foods can help women get pregnant and prevent miscarriage. One of the...
As an antidote to morning drowsiness and afternoon doldrums, coffee has long been king in America. Over half of all Americans drink coffee daily, turning to the ebony brew for a reliable caffeine punch that's anything but subtle.  This stimulant jolt may...