Best Energy Drinks

By Gayot Editors

A Healthy Jolt of Energy

There’s one thing we hear a lot lately: “I’m so stressed out.” That’s because we’re living in an age of stressful jobs, endless to-do lists and a subconscious fear that there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. But there’s no need to constantly feel exhausted. Instead, make some healthy changes — including following our Natural Stress Busting remedies — to your morning or afternoon routine with a clean energy drink that will keep you productive and motivated throughout the day.

GAYOT’S Top 10 Energy Drinks will help you gain control over the drowsy days that are holding you back without compromising your health!

1. Campbell Soup Company V8 +Energy

Campbell Soup Company V8 +Energy

Veggie Healthy

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Getting your recommended daily serving of fruits and veggies has never been so easy. The green tea-infused V8 +Energy offers two full servings of fruits and vegetables along with a vitamin B-packed boost, plus delicious flavor combinations including blackberry-cranberry, pomegranate-blueberry and peach-mango. Cheers to that!

2. EBOOST Energy Shot

EBOOST Energy Shot
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Need a Boost?

Look past the ubiquitous energy shots that line gas station shelves and opt for a natural boost instead. EBOOST energy shots are a quick, convenient and — most importantly — healthy alternative to caffeine-filled supplements. Plus, with the hydrating qualities of coconut water added to the mix, it’s no wonder that celebs like Shakira and Oprah Winfrey swear by it, too.

3. Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot

Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot
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Take a Shot

Guayakí products aren’t the easiest to find. That’s because they’re small-batch, organic and all-natural. That said, they also pack a mighty punch. Just one of these flavorful yerba mate energy shots is guaranteed to add some spark to your step on the days you need it most.

4. Hiball Energy Sparkling Organic Drink

Hiball Energy Sparkling Organic Drink

Flyin’ High

Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low. A few sips of this highly caffeinated and delicious ginger ale from Hiball Energy will have you thinking there is nothing you can’t do. Using only USDA-certified organic and fair-trade coffee beans, this drink is guilt-free and packed with the right ingredients for long-lasting energy.

5. Midori Matcha Cold Brew

Midori Matcha Cold Brew

Matcha Do About Energy

You already know how strong cold-brewed coffee can be, but have you heard of cold-pressured matcha tea? The folks at Midori Matcha are changing the game for matcha green tea with their ultra-refreshing bottled beverages. Midori Matcha Cold Brew helps boost focus and increase energy, and also packs a lot of antioxidants to help you fight off sickness.

6. Runa Clean Energy

Runa Clean Energy
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Runa Mile or Two

These eco-friendly energy drinks use guayusa, an Amazonian superfood packed with caffeine and polyphenols, to provide a sustainable source of energy throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for a cold carbonated beverage or a brew-at-home loose-leaf tea, Runa clean energy drinks will do the trick.

7. Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink

Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink
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Berry Energetic

The word has spread about açaí berries and their natural energy-packed properties. We know they’re good for us, especially when they’re blended up in a bowl and topped with granola, berries and honey. But that kind of thing requires time that we may not always have. When you’re in a rush, grab one of Sambazon’s açaí-flavored Amazon Energy Drinks and gulp down the goodness during an afternoon slump. You’ll feel like new in no time.

8. Shotz Natural Energy Shot

Shotz Natural Energy Shot
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A Shot a Day…

Shotz Natural Energy is packed with vitamins B and C so you can have a natural boost and keep your immune system up to par. If you’re using these energy shots to stay up for a big project, assignment or event, the vitamin C will protect your immune system from becoming vulnerable while you burn that midnight oil.

9. Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks Refreshers
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Afternoon Refresher

Starbucks Refreshers have an advantage over other energy drinks simply by being extremely accessible. Step into any Starbucks location to find these green coffee bean-infused sparkling beverages. They’re a tasty way to overcome an afternoon slump or particularly tough morning.

10. Yogi Positive Energy Tea

Yogi Positive Energy Tea
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Good Vibes Only

A tangerine-infused combination of black and green teas that makes you feel happy and full of energy? Yes, please! This soothing blend might seem like it would calm you down rather than lift you up, but enjoy a warm cup of it in the morning and your day will be full of energy. Plus, it’ll help keep you focused, motivated and in the moment.