GAYOT’s Best Wine Lists

GAYOTS's Top Wine Lists

1. Top Wines

With so many wines to choose from, it can be nearly impossible to figure out which would be the best for different meals and occasions. To find a wine for any occasion, read GAYOT’s curated lists of Top Wines. They’ll certainly impress even the hardest-to-please oenophile.


 2. Best Champagne Lists

GAYOT’s selection of top Champagnes will make sure that you find the right bottle for any occasion.

> Perhaps you’ve read about how The French Laundry’s general manager, Michael Minnillo, was going to celebrate New Year’s Eve by sabering a bottle of Champagne in the kitchen. Here is our suggestion

3. Best Sparkling Wine Lists

GAYOT’s expertly selected top sparkling wines are worth a toast and can add even more sparkle to your next meal or celebration.