Kahlúa Liqueur & Cocktail Recipe

By Gayot Editors

We grew up with the iconic coffee liqueur, and remember walking back across the border with a newly-purchased bottle the first time we visited Mexico.

But we were surprised to learn that the more-than-80-years-old brand had diversified greatly. While the original flavor has been around since 1936, there are ten other Kahlúa liqueurs available for mixing in cocktails, spiking coffee and even using for cooking. (Not to mention four pre-mixed cocktails for lazy bartenders).

Origin: Veracruz, Mexico
By: Kahlua

White russian cocktai; recipe

White Russian Recipe

1 part Kahlúa
2 parts vodka
1 part heavy cream

Fill a rocks glass with ice then add your favorite vodka and a kick of Kahlúa. Float thick cream on the top and take a moment to marvel at the levitating concoction before swirling it all together with a straw. Substitute cream with 2% or skim milk for a cocktail with fewer calories.