Detox Cauliflower with Paprika – DAY 4/5

By Chef Michèle La Porta

> Michèle’s tip: One of my favorites! Cooking cauliflower in the oven facilitates the digestion.

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DAY 2: Detox Cucumber Salad
DAY 3: Detox Green Juice & Sweet Potato Soup
DAY 5: Detox Spinach, Lentils & Pomegranate Salad

– cauliflower
– paprika
– olive oil
– pepper
lemon juice

• Separate the cauliflower in pieces.
• Season with paprika, olive oil, pepper and lemon juice.
• Bake in oven at 320°F for 30 minutes on parchment paper.
• Enjoy with vegan ranch or cashew dressing.