Olive Oil Based Dessert Recipes

By Kimberly Branum

We all know the benefits of olives and olive oil. So why not use olive oil to create some desserts?

Olive orchard proprietor Kimberly Branum of Bel Lavoro has perfected these two recipes. We have tried them and we can confirm that both the cake and the ice cream are delicious:
Olive Oil Cake
Olive Oil Ice Cream.

All that Branum does is done with passion, working as a team with her son Brandon. They want to stay true to nature, so the olives from the 350 trees in the beautiful orchard, located on the hills of Montecito, California, are grown organically. The sea below blows its breeze on the elegant olive trees irrigated by natural spring water. The olives come from three tree varietals, Manzanilla, Chemlali and Arbequina, and make a medium bodied olive oil with a mix of herb and nut flavors and a touch of spice. 

Cut1886 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, of course, cold-pressed and produced in limited quantities (2,500 bottles).

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