Zucchini Hummus Recipe

By Diana Stobo

Diana Stobo started her culinary studies with classic training from the prestigious Cornell University, where she graduated with a master’s in hotel and restaurant management with an emphasis on food. Then, she continued with a “Raw Foods Master’s” with Dr. Gabriel Cousens at Tree of Life. After struggling with some weight and health issues, she finally applied to herself what she had studied and learned.

Her own answer to her overweight body was simple: “Fresh produce: fruits and vegetables that heal the body. I began making juices and smoothies every day. I lost 10 pounds in 10 days, my eyes were brighter, my energy soared, and my life became pain free and full of joy. I then used my background as a chef to create recipes that were as delicious as my old favorites but much better for my body.

Above is a video of her zucchini hummus recipe that we filmed at her beautiful hotel in Costa Rica, The Retreat. We got to try the hummus and, trust us, it was so much better than any we’ve had in the past and SO healthy.

In the video, she also gives tips about sea salt, roasted nuts, calcium in milk, cleanses and how you can use cashews in forms that you have probably never thought about.

Diana Stobo The Retreat Costa Rica
The Retreat, Costa Rica
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She compiled her recipes in her first book Get Naked Fast! Stripping Away the Foods That Weigh You Down.