Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles Area

By Gayot Editors

LA’s Best Pizzerias

Thin crust or deep dish? Sicilian or Chicago? For many of us, pizza is a passion. If you want to call some nationwide chain for fast delivery of something that doesn’t taste much better than the cardboard box it comes in, go right ahead. That means the wait will be shorter for the rest of us at GAYOT’s Top Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles Area. You’ll find the best pizza in LA, from Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles and beyond.

> The selections are presented in alphabetical order.

1. Blackbird Pizza Shop

Mid-City Los Angeles
Chef/owner Luis Ulloa’s Blackbird Pizza Shop serves up deep-dish and thin-crust pies. See More…

2. Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Eagle Rock
After decades of relative anonymity, this nondescript Eagle Rock pizzeria has emerged as one of Southern California’s legendary eateries. See More…

3. DeSano Pizza Bakery

East Hollywood

Giant 900-degree pizza ovens imported from Italy turn out Neapolitan-style specialty pies in 60 seconds at DeSano Pizza Bakery. See More…

4. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Los Angeles

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Like in the original Naples eatery (which dates back to 1870), there’s ethereal wood-fired pizza on offer at the first U.S. location of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. See More…

5. Lucifer’s Pizza

Lucifer's Pizza, Los Angeles
Los Feliz & Mid-City Los Angeles

Thin-crust gourmet pizzas and a rockin’ gothic sensibility are the hallmarks of Lucifer’s Pizza in Los Angeles. See More…

6. Pizzana


Chef Daniele Uditi, who hails from Naples, has brought authentic Neapolitan-style pizza to LA’s Brentwood community. See More…

7. Pizzeria Mozza

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Mid-City Los Angeles

Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, antipasti and more at this spot from the Mozza team. See More…

8. South End

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If you don’t mind the high volume (you get used to it), there’s hardly a better place to explore some interesting wines and chow down on first-rate pizza than South End. See More…

9. Stella Barra Pizzeria

Santa Monica & Hollywood

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To make the pizzas at Stella Barra unique, chef Jeff Mahin put a lot of work into creating the dough. The recipe is the result of more than 30 trials. See More…

10. Terroni

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Mid-City Los Angeles & Downtown Los Angeles

At Terroni, choose from among 30 versions of pizza, from a classic margherita to several varieties of “white” (no tomato sauce). See More…