Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in New York

By Gayot Editors

NYC’s Best Pizzerias

Thin crust or deep dish? Sicilian or Chicago? For many of us, pizza is a passion. If you want to call some nationwide chain for fast delivery of something that doesn’t taste much better than the cardboard box it comes in, go right ahead. That means the wait will be shorter for the rest of us at GAYOT’s Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in New York.

> The selections are presented in alphabetical order.

1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

East Village, New York, NY

Expect a line out the door of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, but you won’t regret waiting along with everyone else. We suggest the creamy artichoke-laden pie or the simple margherita. See More…

2. Di Fara Pizza

Brooklyn, NY

Pizza connoisseurs do the Brooklyn dash for old-world handmade pies at Di Fara Pizza. See More… 

3. Don Antonio By Starita

Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY

The dough is soft yet crispy and the tomato sauce is ultra tangy, making Don Antonio By Starita in Hell’s Kitchen a destination restaurant for pizza. See More…

4. Kesté Pizza & Vino

West Village, New York, NY

Kesté Pizza & Vino in the West Village does a great job of setting an authentic Italian pizzeria vibe. But what is most convincing is what comes out of that oven: thick-crust pies that rank among the best in New York. See More…

5. Lucali

Brooklyn, NY

Come early or be prepared to wait for the thin, crispy pizzas at Lucali in Brooklyn. See More… 

6. Motorino East Village

East Village, New York, NY

The pizzas at Motorino East Village have a puffy crust that gets a good char in the oven, yet manages to stand up to the ingredients on top of it without getting too gooey in the center. See More… 

7. Pasquale Jones

NoLIta, New York, NY

Crispy Neapolitan-style pizzas, the mozzarella gooey, the San Marzano tomatoes tangy, are excellent at Pasquale Jones in NoLIta. See More…

8. Ribalta

Union Square, New York, NY

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Enjoy authentic Neapolitan pies just a stone’s throw from Union Square at Ribalta in NYC. See more…

9. Roberta’s

Brooklyn, NY

Pizzas are the stars of the show at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, a rustic wonderland where the food is simple and flavorful. See More…

10. Tavola

Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY

Neapolitan pizzas and homey Italian fare can be found at Tavola in Hell’s Kitchen. See More…