Barcelona Bar

This tiny Hell's Kitchen bar is definitely worth a shot.


  • Credit cards
  • Dog-friendly
  • Full bar

Open Open nightly until 4 a.m.

Dancing on the bar is usually a rare and spontaneous act, inspired by one's favorite song, an abundance of booze in a short period of time, random insanity, or all of the above. At Barcelona Bar, a tiny one-room tavern in Hell's Kitchen, spontaneous bar-top boogying happens on a nightly basis. The bar, which was inspired by the owners' frequent evenings at a dive bar in Barcelona called Chupitos (which means shots in Spanish), focuses on the all-American sport of shots. There are over 100 available, many of which include props: order the Full Metal Jacket and you'll find yourself wearing a ten-pound army helmet with a drill sergeant screaming at you to drop and give him twenty before you even get a sip. It all makes for an evening of eventful fun; enough, in fact, that you may not even remember dancing on the bar.