Looting in Santa Monica, California

By Sophie Gayot

June 1, 2020

After so many weeks of confinement, we are all looking for our lives to go back to normal with new norms such as social distancing and wearing a mask when interacting with others… One of those “back-to-before” steps is the reopening of restaurants, something you can imagine we are very keen on at GAYOT.com.

Yesterday, and in the days before, the entire planet witnessed looting in the streets of America. I walked down Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica today with my camera.

Here are a few photos of the restaurants that were affected. Restaurateur Jeffrey Merrihue, owner of Heroic Italian, provided us with the video of his restaurant being looted last night… Today, I got to the restaurant at noon, and it was packed with customers. It was some comfort in the middle of this disaster for Merrihue and his team.

I am sad, very sad. We did not need this. But what happened in the streets of Minneapolis is totally unacceptable. It should have never happened, and can NEVER happen again.    

BOA Steakhouse Santa Monica
Wexler's Deli
Wexler’s Deli
Santa Monica Seafood
Plan Check Kitchen + Bar