The Millionaire Martini | Delilah Los Angeles & Miami

By Sophie Gayot

West Hollywood, CA, June 2024

If the street sign for Delilah in West Hollywood says “Nothing to see here,” it could be because the light level inside is reduced to the minimum — just enough to walk around, and unfortunately not to see the room, which is actually beautiful and elegant with its Art Deco atmosphere.

But on the cocktail menu, you cannot miss the extravagant cocktail listed at the bottom and framed. While the concoctions above are priced at $21, this one, at $100, is appropriately named the “Millionaire Martini.” Let’s admit, sometimes luxury feels good…

The coupe holding the Millionaire Martini is filled with out-of-the freezer Belvedere 10, a vodka crafted annually in small batches, distilled four times and rested for ten months, and Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée. But that is not all: caviar is part of the enjoyment. Delilah has chosen American kaluga grand cru caviar to complement the two upscale beverages.

Sophie‘s note: Since the martini is quite strong, I highly recommend ordering the Tuna Tartare seasoned with Korean chili, avocado mousse and ponzu to be spread on a crackling sesame cracker — a sensual dish in perfect continuation of the sexy Millionaire Martini.

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