Croissants turned “Crowiches” | The Outdoors Coffee, West Hollywood, CA

By Sophie Gayot

When these two French people teamed up to open The Outdoors Coffee, a breakfast and light lunch place, they could not help thinking that the croissant was a common denominator between the two meals. “French Tuesdays” co-founder Gilles Amsallem called upon chef Michèle La Porta to create a menu around this très français viennoiserie tradition (though the croissant’s origin is from Austria).

Every morning, ultra-fresh croissants are delivered and La Porta turns them into “crowiches.” So far, she has created eight different ones, and I know some are in the works. I got to try the Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon and the Brie and Turkey with fresh fig spread. The fluffiness of the croissant is a pure dream. Add to it the filling and it makes it one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever have. After two, sadly, I could not have any more. I guess that implies another trip (unless I get it delivered via Postmates: La Boheme) to try others filled with hummus, cucumber, tomatoes, black olive, mint, paprika and sumac seeds or the more simple one with ham, cheddar cheese and maple rosemary herb butter.

You will also find salads and sandwiches with bread — but, honestly, indulge in the croissants. For the sweet tooth you have quite a few options: more croissants (banana spread, chocolate, hazelnut), a delicious chocolate fondant, and, last but not least, La Porta’s Starlette Cake™ — a must-try. This (healthy :)?) cake made her famous in Paris and is baked with nonfat Greek yogurt, no sugar, no egg, no butter and no flour.

All can be enjoyed on location (the former parking area of La Bohême restaurant turned into a bohemian outdoor space due to the current health situation) or for takeout or delivery, including fresh juices, single origin coffees, teas from Mariages Frères, and Belgian artisan luxury Goossens chocolates.

To ensure freshness, everything is made to order. And be forewarned, if you visit too late in the day, there might not be any croissants left…

The Outdoors Coffee
@La Bohème Brasserie & Bar
8400 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069