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Arthur Bryant's Barbeque

1727 Brooklyn Ave. (E. 18th St.)
Kansas City, MO 64127
Cuisine: Barbecue
Barbecue joint known for massive piles of wood-smoked meats, served between white bread.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, Kansas City, MO

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant: Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in Kansas City has counted former Presidents Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama among its visitors.

Food & Drinks: Pitmasters pile wood-smoked meats onto slices of white bread painted with sauce. They do up three sauces here, including the original, which has a dusky texture. They also cover all the bases when it comes to traditional sides: Creamy coleslaw made from finely shredded cabbage, meaty beans and fresh-cut, peel-on french fries. Wash it all down with a red cream soda or a Boulevard Pale Ale.