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Asia Kitchen

Cuisine: Thai / Chinese
Asia Kitchen draws diners with Thai cuisine on the edge of exotic and Chinese that steps back from the brink.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Asia Kitchen Restaurant Review:

Asia Kitchen, a favorite with personnel at local military bases, keeps soldiering on in the same manner of most Asian restaurants---which is to say that things rarely change. Fortunately, the menu is massive enough (especially if one counts the Chinese component, which we tend not to) and the execution good enough that innovation isn’t an issue. We frequently begin with the unusual fried beef jerky and can always be tempted by a crunchy, green papaya salad (beware the heat level). Green curry is creamy with coconut milk and smoky with eggplant. And the hot and sour tom kai, a soup featuring (optional) shrimp and Thai basil is first-rate; have it with coconut juice for a cool contrast, then follow up with dishes of Philippine ice creams made from such odd ingredients as the purple yam. Helpful service eases ordering for the uninitiated.

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