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Abalonetti Bar & Grill Awards

Fish and seafood offered wharf-side, along with steak, pizza and more.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily
Abalonetti Bar & Grill, Monterey, CA

Abalonetti Bar & Grill Restaurant Review:

Ever take someone to a favorite seafood spot only to discover they're not a seafood fan? Fear not if you’re visiting Abalonetti. Though this wharfside bar and grill offers good fish and seafood (hence the heavy traffic from locals and tourists), there's also chicken, steak, pizza and a mile-high meatloaf for the truly dogged landlubber. Speaking of "dogged," they've got the largest wind-protected patio on the wharf --- and it's dog-friendly. Calamari fans: Abalonetti really nails Monterey Bay squid. It's cleaned in-house, a rare labor of love that results in flavorful dishes with fine texture. The signature calamari filet “Abalonetti” is fork-tender with the right amount of breading. We also recommend the spicy buffalo calamari, with just enough fire to warm you up on a foggy day. The hands-down winner from the dessert tray is “coppa,” a tiramisu-like concoction with mascarpone, chocolate and a little grappa for a kick. No wonder this Fisherman’s Wharf institution has been around for more than 60 years.

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