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Zack Bruell’s Alley Cat features shoreline cuisine in the Flats East Bank entertainment district.
Openings: Open daily
Alley Cat Oyster Bar, Cleveland, OH

Alley Cat Oyster Bar Restaurant Review:

Alley Cat is the place to see and be seen in Cleveland’s redeveloped Flats East Bank entertainment district. The waterfront oyster bar features open spaces, expansive views of the Cuyahoga River and seasonal open-air dining. The menu skews toward traditional shoreline cuisine with a heavy focus on oysters, mussels, clams and lobster. Chicken, steak, soups and salads are also available. Start with the BLT mussels, which arrive in a spicy, rich tomato broth that invites you to slurp, sop and sip every last drop. From there, the oysters are an obvious next step. We like the East Beach Blonde oysters as well as the Wianno oysters. If oysters aren’t your thing, the lobster roll is decadent, albeit small. For non-seafood fans, the chili braised beef is a winner. Ditto for the pork steak, served with creamed corn and fingerling potatoes. Desserts are comfort-style, like banana crème pie and coconut cheese cake. The cocktail menu highlights some fun, trendy choices (we’re looking at you East Bank) and the wine list is well thought out with plenty of by the glass, by the bottle and draft selections.

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