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A sleek beachside steakhouse from Innovative Dining Group.
Openings: Dinner nightly


BOA Steakhouse, Santa Monica, CA

BOA Steakhouse Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant: This is not your father’s steakhouse. From the same owners as the Sushi Rokus (there’s one just across the street) and Katana, this seaside eatery attracts an elegant, trendy crowd. The atmosphere here is contemporary and dynamic. Modern décor --- large windows on the ocean, enormous square red lamp fixtures and driftwood-like tree limbs emerging from an illuminated soil of white and blue glass --- makes your wait for a table a bit more interesting.

Food & Drinks: There’s a small but lively bar scene, with signature cocktails such as a whimsical martini topped with a puff of cherry cotton candy. USDA Prime steaks are available with a variety of intriguing rubs and sauces, including a tangy chimichurri and satisfying béarnaise. Try the certified organic beef, which is leaner, moister and a tad gamier than the 40-day dry-aged New York strip. The menu expanded on its carnivore focus, too, with a beet poke, colossal blue crab cocktail, and whole roasted branzino, which is, after all, quite nice by the sea.


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