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This unpretentious, destination-worthy pizza joint has been serving up hot and fresh pies since the 1950s.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Caserta's Pizzeria, Providence, RI

Caserta's Pizzeria Restaurant Review:

Caserta's Pizzeria has the old-school atmosphere you'd expect, and want to find, in an Italian area like Federal Hill. The pizza has a thin, crispy crust; the sauce is homemade and extra tangy; toppings are generous (although limited to pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives or anchovies); and the fresh mozzarella seals the deal. The house specialty is a calzone mutation called a Wimpy Skippy --- essentially pizza dough rolled over spinach, cheese and pepperoni. We prefer the Pepper Pigs, which are Italian sausage, peppers and tomato sauce in a pocket of pizza dough. You'll get lots of attitude behind the counter, but you'll have lots of fun once you're sitting down with your big sheet of pizza (a small is six pieces, a family size large is 12) and a few beers (or wine) from the cooler. Caserta's is truly the only pizza place in Rhode Island that locals will go out of their way to visit.

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