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Cutting-edge Chinese food in a twenty-first-century setting.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


China Blue Restaurant Review:

China Blue’s chef Albert Tse left a prominent post in Singapore to introduce cutting-edge Chinese food to Tokyo, a city with more traditional tastes. We’ve always been impressed by his creative interpretations of such standards as Peking duck, steamed fish and shark’s fin soup. He brushes a salty slice of Peking duck lightly with hoisin sauce, and then wraps this together with spring onions and fried pastry strips for extra crunch. Meanwhile his steamed fish is paired with a pesto-colored sauce that reeks of ginger, providing the perfect kick to the fresh, unseasoned fish flesh. Added bonuses are the panoramic city views from floor-to-ceiling two-story windows and the beautiful interiors, with modern lacquer furniture and giant lamps the color of Prussian blue. This has got to be the prettiest Chinese restaurant in Tokyo.

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