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Soup dumplings finally done right in Las Vegas.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


China Mama, Las Vegas, NV

China Mama Restaurant Review:

The wagging finger of the cartoon "Mama" on the outside of the building lets you know that this place doesn't take itself as seriously as some of the other Chinese restaurants in Vegas, but its food is as seriously Chinese as it gets. The xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, are just right. Known on the China Mama menu as "steamed juicy pork bun," thin, delicate dumpling skins hold a good amount of piping hot soup and a morsel of ground pork. Other favorites include the beef roll of thinly sliced, marinated beef with cilantro wrapped in a wheat pancake. Spice hounds shouldn't miss sliced fish filet in hot chili sauce, a potful of glaringly red chili oil spiked with Szechwan peppers soaking into vegetables and large pieces of flaky white fish. Dishes are ample to share, with plenty of tables for larger groups.

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