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The tastes of the African Coast in the heart of Santa Fe.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Jambo Cafe Restaurant Review:

When you grow weary of chile in Santa Fe, head to Jambo Cafe, where chef Ahmed Obo, a native of Lamu, a tiny Kenyan island, brings the tastes of the African Coast to Northern New Mexico. Some have called the food at Jambo “Caribbean,” and Obo uses many of the same flavors in his cooking. In fact, his Jamaican jerk chicken is as tender and flavorful as that of any Caribbean restaurant. Still, it's Obo's African dishes that are the stars, from the goat stew and the chicken curry to the rice and the handmade roti, an African flatbread. The place smells of spices, lentils, couscous and baking roti, and though it's located in a tired strip mall, it has quickly become one of the city's premiere off-the-plaza restaurants. There's a small beer and wine menu for dish pairings. Don't miss the Jamaican rum pecan pie or the coconut cardamom flan for dessert.

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