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Modern menu with a nostalgic flair tempts at this lively ale house.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


The Robinson Ale House Restaurant Review:

If you’ve thought of an “ale” house as a tavern with beer nuts and bar pies, think again. This is not the place for a big sloppy plate of “Happy Hour” chicken wings and a Bud. It’s a thoughtful, elevated, beer-forward experience, a trendy, lively spot with an intriguing menu that ranges from grilled swordfish with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto to stout-braised short ribs with roasted root vegetables. There is a heady buzz of pleasant conversation and the aroma of good food in the air --- all facilitated by the array of craft beers and a décor that is a clever, modern take on mid-century ale houses. While the menu offers much that is contemporary, there are some great throwbacks to the day: deviled eggs, mac ‘n’ cheese and an irresistible old-fashioned winner called Mary D's Chicken Fricassee of pulled chicken in creamy velouté served with smashed potatoes and peas. For dessert, can you beat a warm chocolate chip cookie? Some prices are fairly high and some portions are smallish. Choose carefully for the best value.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Congratulations to chef Gabriel Kreuther! He just earned GAYOT's highest rating. Read GAYOT's article.