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Enjoy custom shave ice flavors at this popular Honolulu spot.
Openings: Open Tues.-Sun.


Shimazu Store Restaurant Review:

Located in an older Honolulu neighborhood, Shimazu Store has always been known for its huge mounds of shave ice that tower so high they crumble to the sidewalk if you don't have the proper eating technique. Kelvin Shimazu creates and mixes the flavors himself, using everything from basic vanilla and strawberry to the more exclusive crème brûlée, red velvet, mojito, milk tea and buttered popcorn. (They also sell popcorn.) If you're daring, try the durian flavor, but away from everyone else, as you're not allowed to eat it in or near the store. Like most Oahu shave ice spots, there's not much parking, so go early and grab one of the nearby metered stalls.

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