Baguo Buyi Baguo Buyi

Baguo Buyi

89-3 Dianmen East St.
Beijing, china 100009
86 10 6400-8888
Cuisine: Szechuan
The fiery tastes of Szechuan cuisine complemented by theater magic.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Baguo Buyi Restaurant Review:

Baguo Buyi is touristy, but its two big draws---burning-hot Szechuan cuisine and a nightly bianlian (face changing) show (starting at 8 p.m.)---justify a visit. The restaurant is presented like a nineteenth-century Chinese nobleman’s house with private dining rooms shouldering around a central staircase. Dishes are meant to be very spicy but the chefs can take it easy on the peppers at your request. The most well-known dish is crisp intestine quick fried with stones, but if that isn’t of interest, there’s stir-fried beef with red pepper, chicken in bamboo and first-rate steamed fish. Desserts of sticky rice, beans and taro nicely follow the spicy main courses. The green tea dumplings look like glorious, plump Martian eggs.