Bangkok Cuisine Bangkok Cuisine

Bangkok Cuisine

8214 Pat Booker Rd.
Live Oak, TX 78233
Cuisine: Thai
Bangkok Cuisine offers a classy take on Thai.
Open Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant Review:

At BC, the food truly deserves to be called “cuisine.” Tempura is crisp, the satay is spicy, and there’s an appetizer fancifully named “Shrimp Mermaid” with shrimp and chicken inside a wonton wrapper. (Beware the sweet-and-sour sauce --- though it oddly does work in the cucumber salad.) Presentation is not always the house's strong suit, and though the roasted duck red curry can be a visual train wreck, its taste redeems the inclusion of normally suspect grapes and pineapple. Eggplant with soybean sauce and a choice of meat is tantalizingly spicy; we also recommend the green eggplant prepared with serrano chiles and makrut lime leaf. Ground chicken with fresh basil scores, too, but with more elusive flavors. And the inevitable soups include the classic tom yum goong with shrimp and mushrooms. Sticky rice with mango is frequently available for dessert; if mango is out of season, the coconut ice cream is a suitable substitute.

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