Bistro Eight Twenty One Bistro 821
821 Fifth Ave. S. (Eighth St.)
Naples, FL 34102
Cuisine: Continental
Exotic menu served in a stylish setting in the heart of "Ole Naples."
Openings: Dinner nightly


Bistro 821 Restaurant Review:

There are many reasons to visit this part of Naples---including to partake in the menu here that is more exotic than most. Despite the high competition from so many up-market restaurants along Naples' Fifth Avenue, this venue takes a few risks. For example, in addition to a Hot 'n' Bubbly Blue Crab & Borsin Dip appetizer, there is also a rock lobster satay starter with a sweet-and-spicy ginger and lime dipping sauce and chilled soba noodles. Entrées include free-range chicken, bouillabaisse and sugar cane-skewered jumbo prawns. There is also a 21-day dry-aged New York strip steak grilled with crispy goat cheese-stuffed potato cakes, but the menu topper---for exploratory tastes---is the grilled ostrich tenderloin. Served with a grilled portobello mushroom risotto, the ostrich comes with an herb juice and is topped with leek hay.

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