Blu Stone Bistro Blue Stone Bistro Hotel Indigo Albany Latham Blu Stone Bistro

Blu Stone Bistro

Hotel Indigo Albany Latham
661 Albany Shaker Rd. (Wolf Rd.)
Albany, NY 12110
Sleek, modern American fusion restaurant in a commercial corridor hotel.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Blu Stone Bistro Restaurant Review:

Blu Stone Bistro is located in the Hotel Indigo on a busy road to the Albany International Airport (opposite the sprawling Desmond Albany Hotel and Conference Center). It sports an undulating 40-foot-long bar of modern design and a pleasing menu overseen by the meticulous chef Oscar Valtierra. The cool blue, green and silver color palette splashed throughout the two dining rooms promises twenty-first century, and the menu goes along with that premise by sporting influences from the “It’s a Small World” school of cuisine: starters include chicken tikka skewers with yogurt sauce, grilled lamb with cucumber and onion salad and minted couscous and spicy tuna tartare; entrées range from steak frites to wild mushroom risotto, salmon scaloppini and short ribs, some of them offered in two sizes. In between is a lineup of flatbreads, salads and vegetarian options. Prices are generally fair, although some dishes think too highly of themselves---$12 for a basic cheeseburger and $22 for a half chicken with spuds and sprouts, for example.

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