Braisenville Braisenville
36, rue Condorcet
75009 Paris
09 50 91 21 74
Cuisine: French / Contemporary
In a remote street of Paris, a beautiful culinary surprise.
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Fri., Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Braisenville, Paris, france

Braisenville Restaurant Review:

When walking in the street and passing by restaurateur Philippe Baranes's Braisenville, you are, for sure, thinking that is a simple café. There is no way from the façade, the décor and the menu printed on a simple piece of paper to imagine the level of cuisine of this very unpretentious restaurant. Once you have experienced the dishes, don't shout the address too loud as you will make it more difficult to find a seat next time you want to enjoy the chef's creations.

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