Breads India and Gourmet Curries Bread Rohit Singh Breads of India

Breads of India

2448 Sacramento St. (Dwight Way)
Berkeley, CA 94702
Cuisine: Indian
Patience is required (but well-rewarded) to sample the authentically heartfelt daily selection of unique, savory Indian breads and dishes.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily

Breads of India Restaurant Review:

At this modest spot, 170 breads including parathas, kulchas, chapatis and fluffy-stretchy tandoori-baked naans in many different flavors, along with hundreds of main and side dishes, rotate through the daily changing menu. Detailed descriptions help with decision-making and provide insight into the intricacies of Indian cuisine. Dishes are authentic, fiery Indian, featuring free-range meats, homemade spice blends and organic flour and rice.

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