Cafe Gratitude THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cafe Gratitude


2400 Harrison St. (20th St.)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Friendly establishment featuring innovative raw and vegan cuisine.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat., Brunch Sun.

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cafe Gratitude Restaurant Review:

This vegan and raw restaurant feels very Dr. Bronners meets the co-op. The room has hardwood floors and is full of natural light, with communal tables. If you like, you can chat with hip vegan couples and families (or even share bites). The tables are embedded with the Abounding River game, which you can choose to play, or not, for a mini-group-therapy session. The vibe is friendly, sociable and yes, crunchy, but in a charming and feel-good way. Each item on the menu is given a name, like I Am Kind or I Am Sensational, and when your food is served, your nice server tells you that you are kind or sensational. (Aw, shucks.) All of the food is incredibly fresh and carefully prepared---like live breads (dehydrated instead of baked)---so you actually do end up feeling kind of sensational. Ingredients shine and sparkle, like in the gazpacho-like cold Thai coconut soup and the sprouted almond and sesame hummus in the I Am Abundant sampler plate. The kitchen is also extremely innovative; there's a Brazil nut Parmesan cheese and sunflower chili pâté in the live nachos. Everyone should try this restaurant at least once; it's a very San Francisco experience, in the best way possible.

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