Cedric Cedric
185 St. Nicholas Ave. (W. 119th St.)
New York, NY 10026
Cuisine: French / Bistro
A casual French bistro in lower Harlem.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


  • Dress code: Casual

Cedric Restaurant Review:

Harlem’s Cedric offers competent standard French fare in a laid-back space. With a reasonably affordable wine list, predominantly Gallic, it's not too hard to find a glass that will pair well with your foie gras, served with toasted, golden slices of brioche. Seafood dishes, including the mussels, are not the strong suit, but the chef is seasoned with the meat selections. Pan-seared duck with cherry sauce presents a measured contrast of flavors from fatty to tart. Grilled sirloin steak could use more char, but the peppercorn sauce makes up for any lack of crunch. For dessert, chocolate mousse is light and fluffy, and the tarte Tatin is appropriately buttery.

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