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Chando's Tacos

863 Arden Way (Royal Oaks Dr.)
Sacramento, CA 95815
Cuisine: Mexican / Taqueria
No-frills answer to gourmet Mexican street tacos.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Chando's Tacos, Sacramento, CA

Chando's Tacos Restaurant Review:

Chando's draws devoted followers from across the Sacramento area with its hand-seasoned, slow-roasted meat. There is no vegetarian menu, no ambience, no table service. Rather, fans line the sidewalk day and night in the somewhat seedy neighborhood for the char-broiled carne asada, citrus-marinated chicken, slow-roasted carnitas and hand-blended chorizo. Whether filled in a taco, rolled in a burrito, melted into a quesadilla or sandwiched in a torta, Chando's meat can't be beat. And at less than two bucks a pop, the tacos are one of the best bargains in town.