Chang Le Xin Fan Zhuang Chang Le Xin Fan Zhuang

Chang Le Xin Fan Zhuang

36 Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002
Cuisine: Chinese
Chinese food for the adventurous diner.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


Chang Le Xin Fan Zhuang Restaurant Review:

This colorfully lit restaurant in the heart of the non-touristy part of Chinatown isn’t for the novice eater of Chinese food. The menu is not entirely translated from Chinese, leaving the diner to choose from what’s translated or point and hopefully get lucky. Offerings skew toward those who like to eat on the adventurous side: fried goose intestines, frog prepared in multiple ways, sautéed pork liver, duck tongues, pig’s blood and pig stomach. Not everything is executed well, either. “Beer duck,” boney fowl sautéed in beer, was gamey and unpalatable. Pork and lychee was bland, and the braised tilapia was overly fishy. Beer is served by the bottle and if you order half a dozen they’ll plop an entire six pack on your table, box and all. Cash only.

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