“My Favorite Thing is to Create Memories” | Maestro, Pasadena CA

By Sophie Gayot

Chef Jari Gonzalez has an intriguing personality. She is shy but her cooking proves that she is a people-lover. What Gonzalez does not express with words, she gives to you in her dishes. Her heart conducts her creativity. And yes, you will not forget the tastes your palate will encounter when dining at Maestro in Pasadena.

Born in Mexico, she moved with her family to California when she was two years old. Her two grandmothers, her father and mother played a decisive part in her choice of becoming a chef at a young age. While Gonzalez went to culinary school in Orange County, CA, she was most influenced by working at non-Mexican restaurants, and by her two years in Greece where she opened bakeries. She has integrated and mixed a little of each culture into her cuisine of origin, resulting in modern. sexy and witty Mexican culinary delights and moments.

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10 E. Union St. 
Pasadena, CA 91103