Chef Gilles Epié & Ludovic Lefebvre, aka Ludo, are back together | Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

By Sophie Gayot

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Los Angeles, June 24, 2019

Remember the good old days of L’Orangerie restaurant? During these times of haute gastronomy in the City of Angels, chef Gilles Epié was behind the stoves circa 1994 for some three years with a team that included Ludovic Lefebvre — Epié actually brought Ludo to L.A. Here is what we wrote at the time: “Exquisite, impeccably served French Nouvelle Cuisine prepared by Gilles Epié.” Then, later after Epié was back in France: “Young chef Ludovic Lefebvre contributes to the renaissance of L’Orangerie with just enough originality to awaken and surprise — but not disconcert — our palate.

Gilles Epié Ludovic Lefebvre
Gilles Epié & Ludo Lefebvre at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. The chefs in the kitchen at Montage Beverly Hills

L’Orangerie is no more, so the partners in knives — Epié is back from Paris — had to find an elegant spot to delight our taste buds. They did at the Montage Beverly Hills. With the patio overlooking the Beverly Canon Gardens, and the beautiful open kitchen where you can dine, it is just perfect for their très Provençal menu to debut on July 10, 2019, for three months. The pair love the South of France and are very familiar with its cuisine: their choice was obvious.

Grilled fish | Pistou pasta
Grilled fish | Pistou pasta

Their execution calls for high-quality products — the Farmers Market is their first shopping spot — as the cuisine is going to be “simple” and very fresh. They want everything to be done in house, including an aioli that is so good, you will get to eat it by itself on bread. Everyone will find something to enjoy from the salade Niçoise to the beignets de calamars, grilled fish, pâtes au pistou, Ludo’s fried chicken sandwich and much more, ending on a tarte aux fraises or Epié’s soufflé au chocolat, which is better than …. The lunch menu is set at $29; dinner is à la carte.

Chocolate soufflé | Tarte aux fraises
Chocolate soufflé | Tarte aux fraises
Oeuf au caviar
Oeufs au caviar

As a nod to L’Orangerie, the chefs are bringing back the legendary oeufs aux caviar.

Summer with Ludo & Gilles
Montage Beverly Hills
225 N. Canon Dr. (Wilshire Blvd.)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210