Cora Cora Cora Cora

Cora Cora

Shield Street Plaza
162 Shield St. (New Britain Ave.)
West Hartford, CT 06110
Make the trek to Cora Cora for an authentic experience of Peruvian food and drink.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Cora Cora Restaurant Review:

An immersive experience of Peruvian cuisine, culture and hospitality makes out-of-the-way Cora Cora worth the trek. Cuddly alpaca wool wall hangings, vivid table coverings, traditional dance routines on video screens: Don't let the exuberant décor distract you from the extensive menu, which is a fun read. If you're with a party of four or more, start with the Cora Orgia Marina. This appetizer feast is a generous sampling of fried calamari and fish, tangy fresh seafood ceviche and Callao-style mussels that pairs well with everything from Peruvian beers to exotic, just-squeezed juice blends and shakes. The menu touts Chupe de Quinua con Camarones --- a creamy Andean shrimp soup --- as "the best food of the world," and a bowl of this rich concoction makes a satisfying meal. Less adventurous diners can gravitate toward familiar fare like fried fish filets, grilled rib-eye or whole roasted chicken. But how often do you get to savor authentic Peruvian dishes made with the sacred grain of the Incas? Quinoa features prominently in ancient and futuristic dishes like Cora Power Life beef, chicken or fish --- a soul-nourishing stew. Lucuma fruit ice cream, on its own or tucked inside sugar cone cannolis drizzled with chocolate, is a must. This Andean treat has a distinctive texture and tastes like an otherworldly blend of coffee, caramel, peanut butter and pumpkin pie.